Low Carbon Supply Chain




Andreas Nauen (Chair)

Ingrid Due-Gundersen (CEO)

Even Larsen (EVP Havfram Wind)

Company Overview

In November 2022, Sandbrook acquired a majority stake in Havfram AS, a Norwegian offshore wind infrastructure company focused on providing transport and installation to the offshore wind sector. The company is building a fleet of next generation turbine installation vessels capable of installing and servicing 20 MW+ offshore wind turbines. Its first vessel started construction immediately following our initial investment, and the second was sanctioned in March 2023. Both vessels are already contracted to build some of the world’s largest offshore wind farms over the 2026-2030 period, in partnership with operators such as Vattenfall, RWE and Ørsted. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with a global presence and offices in Stavanger, Norway and Perth, Australia.


Investment Impact

The investment in Havfram aligns with our long-standing belief in the immense potential of offshore wind infrastructure as a key component of the global energy transition. The escalating demand for renewable energy sources, particularly offshore wind, spurred by global energy security concerns and the drive to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, puts pressure on capital and capability-intensive sub-sectors of the supply chain. Furthermore, as wind turbines increase in capacity, the existing fleet of installation vessels and equipment has become unsuitable for the next generation of projects, deepening the urgent need for new investment at scale. In addition to having secured access to scarce capacity at one of the world’s most advanced shipyards for this type of vessel, the Havfram team includes some of the most experienced offshore wind installation experts in Europe.