An unprecedented opportunity

Our investment approach is simple. We’re not looking for the next revolutionary invention. Instead, our focus lies with proven climate infrastructure technology. By partnering with world-class entrepreneurs and building truly great companies, we help our investors tap into the greatest opportunity of a lifetime — the transition to a low-carbon future.

Greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the energy sector
Countries with established energy policies
$-173 Trillion
Expected capital requirement over the next three decades

Invested across the value chain

The big shift away from fossil fuels to more sustainable alternatives will be felt throughout the value chain. With a rigorous, data-driven approach, our team of investment professionals seeks to find and create value within five core sectors of climate infrastructure.

The transition to clean electricity is still in its infancy. As countries across the globe begin to take serious action, companies generating electricity from wind and solar, as well as from other renewable sources, will be perfectly positioned to meet the rising demand.

A clear focus for maximum impact

With a meticulous due diligence process we narrow our focus to a few exceptional teams and opportunities. This allows our team to dive wholeheartedly into an investment. By actively working alongside our portfolio companies, we utilize our deep sector expertise to streamline operational efficiencies, accelerate growth and build extraordinary companies ready to electrify the world — sustainably and profitably.

Building toward change

We truly believe that positive impact reinforces strong returns and vice versa. By prioritizing both equally, we amplify the long-term returns for our investors and the environment simultaneously.